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Chloe X Halle’s Ungodly Hour wins them their first Billboard Hit with “Do It”

This angelic R&B duo just made their first career Billboard Hot 100 list with their single “Do It” coming in at 83. This is thanks to the song’s 5.9 billion streams bringing it to a No. 6 spot on the R&B streaming songs list. Although this comes as no surprise with their album Ungodly Hour reaching No. 2 on the Top R&B Albums chart. 

Chloe and Halle released this hit on May 14th and shortly after, followed up the Tik Tok trend with its own signature dance. Tik Tok is the new viral vehicle of 2020 so naturally, the dance pared with these two angelic voices garnered millions of people from all over the world recreating the dance.

“Do it’s” official video on youtube has over 14 million views. The song itself has also debuted at No. 36 on Hot R&B/HipHop Songs and has granted the duo their first successful radio track. All of these good vibes earning the R&B duo a No. 42 spot on Billboard’s Artist 100 list.

All of this success is due to Chloe and Halle’s amazing talent and a viral video covering Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts”. The two gained recognition from the artist herself and signed to her Parkside Entertainment management company in 2015. Since then the pair has released an EP titled Sugar Symphony, a mixtape titled The Two of Us, and their first album The Kids Are Alright which earned Chloe and Halle a couple of Grammy nominations. 

Chloe and Halle are extremely hard workers so all of this success is well deserved and expect “Do It” and Ungodly Hour to continue to rise.


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