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Chicago Police Shooting Leads To Riots and Looting

Chicago riots

Police shootout leads to unrest

A shootout between one man and police officers led to looting and rioting on Chicago’s south side. The details of the incident are still pretty sketchy. The news is reporting that cops were called on a man carrying a gun. Upon their arrival, the man began to run from the officers. At some point, the two exchanged gunfire. The shootout left the man, whose name has yet to be released, shot and he was taken to the hospital.

The south side streets were immediately filled with residents who were upset that yet another police shooting had taken place. The scene was very tense. There were dozens of police officers and dozens of enraged residents. Temperatures eventually flared as residents went to the downtown area to began rioting. The rioting and looting lasted through the night and led to 100 arrests and 13 injured police officers. CPD Superintendent David Brown did say that of the 100 arrested most charges will be disorderly conduct and battery against a police officer.  Most of the stores that were looted were high-end stores that are located within Chicago’s Magnificent mile. These stores included, Neiman Marcus, Best Buy, Old Navy, Louis Vuitton, Saks fifth ave, Telsa, Apple, Lamborghini, Walgreens, and Macy’s.

Chicago riots

In response to the night of unrest. Chicago’s mayor Lori Lightfoot, closed the entire downtown area. She had this to say about the protocol moving forward. “The city will be deploying more than 100 infrastructure assets citywide that will be strategically positioned by the CPD to protect neighborhood commercial corridors and critical business, such as grocery stores and pharmacies.” As of now, the looting or rioting has subsided. We’ll see if this trend continues. If your in the Chicago area, stay safe.

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