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“Chase Street”: Politics, Drugs, and Life in Camden

“Chase Street” focuses on the streets of Camden in the early to mid-1990s

Amazon Prime and Interstate Media Group have recently announced a new crime drama titled “Chase Street”. The series, written and produced by Thomas Freeman Jr. and Denny Brown, is focused on events that took place in Camden, NJ in the early to mid-1990s.

Even though “Chase Street” is set in Camden, it tells the story of inner-city America. In the 1990s, the streets were corrupt in many ways. Drug dealers, police, and politicians all worked together for a common goal…. chasing the money. “The inner workings of politics and the street culture in a mid-size city are different than what you would see in New York or LA. That’s what makes Chase Street different. It’s Camden, New Jersey and it’s never been seen before,“ says Thomas Freeman Jr.

What can DirtySouthHipHop followers expect with “Chase Street”

Aaron Best is a former NBA player and the brother of Ashley “Spark” Best. Spark and her father, “O.G.”, are the biggest drug dealers in Camden. “O.G’s” is murdered and this sets off a wave of violence in the city.

In a race to run the city, all roads lead down Chase Street. Rose Fiori, the city’s Political Kingmaker who is intent on ensuring Camden’s billion-dollar development initiative makes her rich, wants to use Aaron as a pawn in her “political game of chess”. She works on grooming him to be the city’s next mayor. Along with the “dirty political games” Fiori wants to play, there is also a “dark-horse” that is running for City Council, Richie Rodriguez. Richie is a heroin dealer suspected in the mistaken identity murder of a local university student. There are so many twists and turns in this drama that you definitely want to stay tuned in for all six episodes. 

“Chase Street” is directed by actor Clifton Powell who is best known for his roles in “Ray”, “Deep Rising”, and “Rush Hour”. Along with Powell, the cast includes Vincent Pastore, Jade Yorker, Gillie Da Kidd, and former Roc-A-Fella Records artist Freeway.

Check out the official trailer for “Chase Street” premiering now on Amazon Prime.

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