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Chance The Rapper Prefers Kanye Over Biden

In a series of tweets Monday morning July 13, Chance The Rapper posed the question “Are you more pro Biden or anti ye and why?” Kanye recently announced that he would be running for President in the upcoming election. In recent years Kanye has been outspoken about his support for Trump, however recently he has denounced that he supports Trump now.

In later tweets, Chance would make it clear who he prefers by saying, “I understand. Yall trust Biden more than yall trust Ye. I think I understand why I just don’t feel the same way.” Chance didn’t get into the details of why he prefers Kanye over Biden, but Chance has regularly made it clear that Kanye has always been a big inspiration to him.

The series of tweets instantly sparked conversation and debates; leading it to become twitters No.1 trending topic. This isn’t Kanye’s first time suggesting he would be interested in running for President. During his acceptance of the video vanguard award in 2015 at the VMA’S, Kanye stated: “I have decided to run for President in 2020.”

Since then, not much has been said about Kanye involving himself into politics, until recently when he simply tweeted he would be running for president. Similar to him making his initial announcement back in 2015, Kanye hasn’t said anything more regarding his Presidential run. It is still yet to be seen if Kanye will actually run for President despite him being ineligible, but if he does it seems as if he can count on having Chance The Rapper full support.

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