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Celebrity Hairstylist Tae Cancels On Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj and celebrity hairstylist Tae might be having beef. Nicki Minaj scheduled Tae to do her hair for her demo video, but Tae canceled her appointment. According to Tae, he had a pop-up appointment and had to do someone else’s hair instead of Nicki’s.

According to Nicki Minaj, she had already set her hair appointment with Tae prior to his other appointment.  He allegedly canceled on her 48 hours before the shoot.

The promo video for A$AP Ferg’s new single “Move Yo Hips” ft. Nicki Minaj and MadeinTYO was taking place the week of her cancellation. Even tho Tae couldn’t do Queen Nicki’s hair, she immediately had someone else do it for her.

Even though another hairstylist did Nicki’s hair, people were quick to notice that it was celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Wright’s work. Tae took this incident to Instagram and wrote lengthy paragraphs about how he feels. “Bad intentions, the industry is a dirty dirty game. N ion want no parts of this bull Shit!”

“It’s always who u break your back for that always tries n be shady n turn on you, it’s a thrill for them! After you respected them for so long, go hard for them, missing important shit for people who deep down inside don’t give af about me, it’s so fucked up how I turned down so many ppl out of so much respect n just being solid! This industry a dirty ass game n I’m so Kool on it.”

“Can’t nothing and nobody take me off my throne. Ima keep winning n that’s on God! Next people I work with, I’m keeping that shit strictly business, don’t try n build no friendships or bonds cause I’m not doing nun of that shit no more.”

In Tae’s Instagram followers, Nicki Minaj’s Instagram was not found. It appears she has unfollowed him.


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