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Cardi B Gets New Trial Date Against Mad Tattoo Guy

Cardi Sued For $5 Million?

Cardi B finally can take a breather from Kevin Michael Brophy Jr. to focus on her family and COVID.

You’re probably wondering who this man is, and what he has to do with Cardi B. He decided to take legal action for $5 million after he claimed she stole his back tattoo.

Cardi’s graphic designer overlayed Kevin’s tattoo which is a tiger and snake with intensive details that covered the heavily tattooed man’s back entirely.

On Brophy’s end, he says that his career was practically ruined, being of the sensual activity that was happening on the rappers album cover “Gangsta B*tch Music Volume 1.” where his tattoo was present.

He initially filed the lawsuit against Cardi 4 years ago back in 2017, but there have been difficulties in resolving the dispute.

Cardi B

New Trial Date

Seems like the trial date was pushed back to next month, on October 26th for many reasons.

Cardi asked the judge for more time being COVID rates are skyrocketing, and she just recently gave birth to her baby boy and she wouldn’t want traveling to impact her family.

Looks like Cardi already has a high chance of winning the dispute, and after this meetup, if there isn’t any resolution the judge will end up presiding over the trial.


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