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Cam’ron Speaks On Karen Civil. Again!

Karen Civil, according to Cam’ron, has been stealing clients of their money for years. He claims, however, that no one believed him. Following the disaster with Joyner Lucas this weekend, the Harlem native has resurrected his campaign to prove that the Hip-Hop media mogul is a criminal.

Killa Season has returned, as Cam’ron took to social media to join the bandwagon of individuals accusing the public affairs executive of being untrustworthy. He captioned on his Instagram, “Y’all gonna apologize or nah?! I figured y’all wouldn’t.“


Cam’ron defends

“For those that don’t understand,” Cam’ron continued. “I told people Karin civil been robbing people, they said I was lying. Now she just lost a court case to another female, now they say Karin is foul. When I said it…I was hating.. she also robbed Joyner Lucas for the same exact amount she did my guy @darealdukedagod 60k.. what a co-winky-d###.”

Cam’ron managed to sorta expose Karen about five years ago. He rushed to Instagram to clarify the situation after she went on a podcast to discuss Jay-Z kicking him out of the Def Jam office because Cam refused to move his car.

“I haven’t went in on Karen ever and been proud of what she’s accomplished. Even if she’s lied and stole to get there. But u not gonna put me in ya b#######,” Cam’ron wrote in 2016.

“Despite what people think Jay-Z and I were not enemies. He signed off on mad projects we did. When he didn’t have to. And showed my crew love. It wasn’t till I Left DefJam (not kicked out) till we fell out..and I still respect his hustle and business savvy,” he continued.

Cam’ron concluded, “This story Karen is telling is just another one of her lies..she stole 60k from my cousin @darealdukedagod (and we still have all the bank statements if u wanna Pursue this KAREN) and has yet to pay him back. And it’s my money as well cause it was from my company. I don’t want or need ya money. But u should have paid duke back by now. But since u wanna lie. I pull everything out. And put u on blast!! Stop lying and stealing.”

Others join in

Cam then took to Instagram to share a video of himself barking at Karen.

Cam wasn’t the only one who felt the way he did. Joyner Lucas, who rose to fame in 2017 with the controversial song “I’m Not Racist,” also chastised Civil’s business practices.

The now-deleted post said, “She was supposed to brand me and help with a bunch of s### & after that 50k she went on vacation & made it an issue to have any convos with me. How I pay @KarenCivil 50 racks and she gonna tell me that she can’t have a conversation with me because she’s on Vaca?”

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