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Calboy And Lil Wayne Miseducation


Calboy’s gaining more attention as Lil Wayne joins him on his recent single Miseducation.

The Track

In the track, there are many notable references to other artists like the legendary Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean that help him show what he went through rising up as an entertainer.


Yeah, I’m on the pill, cut on Lauryn Hill
On the real, my G-Wag came with six Tonka wheels
Born to kill, B-flag gang, put that on my tears
On my lear jet airplane, tryna pop my ears
Poppin’ off’ll get you popped for real, you know you not for real

The meaning Calboy set out for this track was to present the things he went through to get to the level he is at now, and the things he faced on his way to stardom.

Like in one verse Lil Wayne sets a firey defensive tone that will make you feel very engaged, the lyrics show he is ready to take risks and how he is always ready.

I’ve been lying still, in the jungle even lions chill
I make a giant kneel
I heard Heaven need some volunteers, that’s what I’ve been hearin’
Hit your momma crib, like your momma feared
From the bottom of my heart, my heart so bottomless, baow
I’ll knock your top off, son (Skrrt)
Ready or not, here I come (Feeed your soul)


The video really takes the lyrics and puts them in visual form.

In a change of scenery two friends finally, make it to the top and where they always wanted to be. However with fame also comes with cons like jealousy.



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