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Breaking News: R Kelly Found Guilty On All Charges

Breaking News: R Kelly Found Guilty On All Charges

Guilty On All Charges

Kells was “a gentleman” to his “harem”???


The “Step In The Name Love” crooner defenders said, under oath, they never saw Kelly abuse anyone. Some of the defense witnesses went as far as saying that, if anything, Kells was “a gentleman” to his “harem”.

Prosecutors, called dozens of witnesses to the stand to refute the defense testimonies and discredit their claims. Some of the prosecutors’ witnesses straight-up said Kelly had a small team made up of managers, bodyguards, and assistants who rounded up Kelly’s potential victims before the singer groomed them for sex, and other things.

Kelly still has other federal charges back in Chicago and Minnesota pending, as well. The case in New York is over but the demising saga of R Kelly has just truly begun.


Editors Note: This man is the most prominent example of “Separating the art from the artist.” This is a sad day for a whole throng of fans who wanted to believe he didn’t do any of these heinous crimes. I’m definitely one of them because I created children to this man’s music. And I was one of his biggest fans. I wish they could let the art be separated from his actions because the art should still be heard and even be used to pay restitution to some of his victims. His music doesn’t remind me of him but it reminds me of the times I shared with my loved ones, during cookouts, wedding receptions, and just pure babymaking music. My wife was 8 and half months pregnant when we were invited to his concert when he came through Newark NJ, 5 years ago. I’m not feeling sorry for him for his crimes but I’m a lover of music and his catalog is a treasure to black music and it should continue to be heard on all platforms. If it bothers you and it’s a sore subject then don’t play it. When I celebrate with his music, I don’t see him, I see my life played to his unforgettable soundtrack of great songs. I will continue to play him and Michael Jackson and watch The Cosby Show. I can separate the art from the man. That’s just me. OG







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