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Bobby Shmurdas Plans When Released From Prison

Even though rap star Bobby Shmurda is currently doing time in prison, he has been working harder than ever to relaunch his career.

Bobby Shmurda is currently dealing his time in prison

Bobby is currently in prison and is wanting more than ever to start out on a fresh slate as soon as he finishes his prison sentence.

He is originally from Brooklyn and as soon as he is released his plans are to release his own documentary based on his rise to fame and his hardships.

Bobby Shmurda is almost finished with his 7 year sentence. The reason why he is in jail is because of conspiracies of weapon possession and owning a weapon. This was in September 2016, even though Bobby is close to finishing his 7 year sentence the star still has a 5 year parole.

Bobbies has a new plan when getting out of prison. His plan includes releasing some brand new music, and giving out youth speeches to young teens about wanting a better life and to always want better.

Bobby Shmurda is almost finished with his 7 year sentence.

Bobbies mother Leslie Pollard also had some words to say about her son. According to TMZ Bobbies mother says that “Bobby plans to tell the parole board next month if they release him, he’s going to put his nose to the grindstone in the studio”. She also added that Bobvy now knows better and he will for sure stay out of trouble.

Bobbie’s mother has reported that her son is doing way more writing while being in prison.

Bobby hopes by releasing his new documentary,  it will encourage young troubled youth. He hopes its an educational tool for troubled youth.

He is only weeks away from being released but his mother visits the prison daily.

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