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Blueface Starts OnlyFans Reality Show

Blueface Starts OnlyFans Reality Show

Blueface invited eight women into his California mansion for a “Flavor Of Love” style reality show streaming on OnlyFans.

If you have ever watched a reality dating show and thought, “if only this were trashier and more pornographic,” you’re in luck. On Sunday, Blueface followed in the footsteps of Flavor Flav and Brett Michaels by debuting his new reality show on OnlyFans.

So far the show has featured a lot of fighting, nudity, and shopping. You can check it out here. The “Thotiana” rapper is charging $30/month to watch, however has teased that the price may rise.

So far only one episode aired, however, there are also videos featuring naked girls dancing in a tub and two girls in a boxing match.

“Damn y’all late. They already fighting,” exclaims Blueface in the opening shot as his entourage breaks up a fight between two of the girls. Unfortunately, the first episode peaks here as the remaining eight minutes feature short interviews with each of the girls on the craziest thing they’ve ever done and if they’ve ever hooked up with Blueface before. They also visit a Walmart on a party bus to buy everything they need for life at Blueface’s house––mostly bedsheets and liquor.

“The new generation of women is kind of… they have their downfalls and it’s really breaking my fucking heart,” Blueface tells the camera. “The reception right now is WAP. The reception right now is getting the bag, leave, leave, leave, leave, Cash App, suck the dick, leave, leave.”

Despite the paygate on the show, a lot of the content is also going onto Blueface’s Instagram stories. This could be because the cameraman quit after the first day, and they are currently looking for a replacement.

Check back to DSHH for updates on how the show progresses. So far it is unclear on if the winner gets to date Blueface, or if it’s just a fun competition for who stays in the house the longest.

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