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Barack Obama’s Star-Studded B-Day Bash

Barack Obama's Star-Studded B-Day

Obama’s 60th birthday had to be minimized from a huge celebration, it was still a great bash with many star-studded guests.


Obama’s 60th bash was filled with power couples

Many celebs showed up to celebrate Obama’s birthday bash at the former president’s $12 million Martha’s Vineyard mansion…which was a summer garden-themed. Powerhouse couples such as John Legend and Chrissy Teigen as well as Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union were seen at the venue.

Other huge names such as Don Cheadle, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Eddie Vedder, George Clooney, and Steven Spielberg attended as well.


Who didn’t make the list?

Although many notable stars did show up, a great number couldn’t make it due to the scaled-down guest list. Many of Obama’s former administration officials including David Axelrod, and comedians like David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, and Larry David had to celebrate from afar.

It has been reported Obama’s 60th was supposed to be an extravagant event, but instead, they decided to abandon the plan over COVID concerns with Delta arising.


NBA Africa


Just recently, Obama joined NBA Africa as a strategic partner where he will help advance the organization’s social responsibility ventures across the continent. This includes programs and partnerships that support more all-embracing gender equality and economic formation. Obama’s minority equity stake has been used to fund Obama Foundation youth and leadership programs across Africa.

Barack Obama said, “The NBA has always been a great ambassador for the United States—using the game to create deeper connections around the world, and in Africa, basketball has the power to promote opportunity, wellness, equality, and empowerment across the continent.”

“By investing in communities, promoting gender equality, and cultivating the love of the game of basketball, I believe that NBA Africa can make a difference for so many of Africa’s young people. I’ve been impressed by the league’s commitment to Africa, including the leadership shown by so many African players who want to give back to their own countries and communities. That’s why I’m proud to join the team at NBA Africa and look forward to a partnership that benefits the youth of so many countries,” he ended

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