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Asian Doll Released From Jail… 4 Days Later!

Asian Doll Released From Jail... 4 Days Later!

Female rapper Asian Doll released from jail after 4 days and is still thriving.

Asian Doll was reportedly arrested in Atlanta before spending four days in jail. Her mugshot is being spread all around social media. But to our surprise, she isn’t getting bashed about her mugshot, she is actually getting great comments on her appearance. Being that many people don’t look that presentable during mugshot photos, hers was pretty impressive.

The photo was Asian Doll with a very clean, no makeup face. She was wearing her natural curls, and still managed to look absolutely stunning.


Financial Growth

Her mugshot isn’t the only impressive thing about the situation, the amount of money she has made during those 4 days are astronomical. Asian Doll went on Social Media boasting about how much she has made, which is 71k in total. It’s crazy knowing that she is richer now than before she spent time in jail.


Asian Doll Released From Jail... 4 Days Later!

While getting praised for her impressive mugshot and her financial growth, there are still some people thinking she is full of herself and that this is nothing to be proud of. One even goes on to criticize her and she clapped back with this response.

“Bitches do months in jail just to come out broke as fuck I did 4days & came home to 71k,” wrote the rapper on Twitter. “Worry bout what your outcome gone be looking like cause fasho I was in jail ONNAT them 4days.”

Asian Doll remains unbothered and is still living her best life.

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