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Asian Doll Discusses King Von With Taraji

Asian Doll discusses the loss of her boyfriend King Von

2020 has to be one of the most memorable years we’ve had thus far. Besides Covid-19 and the continued racial injustices, many inspiring artists and creative minds have lost their life due to tragedy. The hip hop industry, specifically, lost King Von in an untimely death.

The Chicago rapper was murdered outside of an Atlanta nightclub after an aggressive disagreement with another rapper. Besides his music career, King Von was also the ex-boyfriend of Asian Doll. King Von will always be remembered by his fans and definitely by Asian Doll.

Loved ones of King Von were hurt by his murder, but Asian Doll has been very vocal about her emotional pain and grief from the loss of her ex-boyfriend.

In the latest episode of “Peace of Mind” with Taraji P. Henson, Asian Doll shared her experience on first hearing the “love of her life” had passed away. In the short clip, Asian Doll explained that when she discovered King Von died, her “whole world just crashed.” She stated, “I had never felt a feeling like that. It’s like I was just broken”.

Asian Doll described her relationship before his death.

Asian Doll explained how she and King Von weren’t on good terms. She stated, “I want to say like six days before he passed away, we had broken up and I was hard on him. I was not trying to see him. I did not want to see him at all.”

In the sneak peek of the episode, Asian Doll also went on and described King Von as her soulmate. “It was more like a soulmate. It’s like dang I met you before, like how I feel so connected to you?” Asian Doll told Taraji that Von was her first real boyfriend and her first love.

During this very emotional conversation, Taraji spoke a few words of wisdom to comfort Asian Doll. She said, “It is ok to feel. You loved that man and he died suddenly. He was taken in a senseless murder. You know that’s not something you just push through and try to cope with.”

Back in 2003, Taraji P. Henson lost the father of her son, Marcel, who was also murdered.

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