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Asian Doll Adds Fuel to Fire on Twitter

Beef was on the grill and a few of today’s female rappers brought the steak sauce.

On Sunday, Megan Thee Stallion, City Girls, and Asian Doll started trending on Twitter after beef between the female rappers spewed out of control.

Remnants from a previous feud funneled into today’s fiasco. A song on Meg’s “Good News” album, “Do It On the Tip” featuring City Girls supposedly featured a verse from Asian Doll. Though Asian Doll recorded a verse, it did not make it to the final version.

At one point, Doll went live on Instagram and played her verse, explaining how lit she felt her verse was with (no pun intended). “I was supposed to do that song. I don’t know what happened,” she said. A fan jumped in the chat in Asian Doll’s defense, asking Meg why the Doll’s verse didn’t make the cut.

JT chimes in, in a series of post-and-deletes amid beef

“I been doing good but I’ma bout to start laying you attention seeking hoes out & I’m coming with facts,” JT stated in a series of post-and-delete tweets.” She continued, “Sympathetic ass hoes really starting to grind my gears. Like, if you know you gone draw attention and cause commotion why speak on it? Mind you lying! But go off.”

Dream Doll didn’t think much of the sub, but eventually responded to the indirect diss, “If you sneak dissing behind the scenes, come to the front so I can see how you really coming.” She continued firing shots at JT on Twitter.

The beef was medium-rare but I guess Doll wanted it well done

Asian didn’t stop there… Self proclaimed “Queen Von” kept stirring the pot. “This hoe losing her mind bitch just talking shit For what?” she Tweeted “Who even said some to this hoe just yesterday you wasn’t talking bout me now today you tough….BITCH YOU BEEN SINGING MY SONGS SINCE I BEEN DROPPING HOE ONLY SONG I GOT TOOK OFF WAS MEGAN & FREG SONG CAUSE I BE WASHING YOU BITCHES LITERALLY WASHING YOU BITCHES.”

Asian Doll even mentioned JT’s former love interest, Lil Uzi Vert.

At some point, JT deactivated her main Twitter account. Group mate Yung Miami went to bat for JT, but the half of the City Girls duo wasn’t interested in the back-and-forth. JT tweeted, Yung Miami, expressing that she should “let them think whatever!” and “Delete them tweets & move on cause it’s seriously confusing at this point!” Below is a snapshot of the convo.

Meg enters the chat dismissing the drama

Chile so where was Meg when all of this was going down? Thee Stallion responded in what seemed to be an attempt to defuse the confusion, “If I got on this app trying to defend myself every time someone makes up shit about me or clapping back at random mfs I don’t know I’d be miserable all day every day,” Megan tweeted. Since then, those tweets have been deleted. “I hate that all of this is getting so blown out of proportion. It was never as deep as the comments made it seem. We got each other number in real life I don’t have to say nothing to nobody on an app.”


Meg add, “When Asian got in her accident I hopped right on a plane to come see her when she go through shit I’m on her line … I don’t like putting my personal life on the internet because it’s PERSONAL to me. I never even saw people attacking her…Asian you kno me better than that you kno I don’t even like all this internet shit. You blow shit out of proportion bc you a fucking hot head. You played the song on live that was that … what do I need to clear up ? this is dumb.”

Most recent tweet and delete

In another post-and-delete tweet, Asian Doll  continued to throws shots Sunday evening.

Below is JT’s rebuttal to Asian Doll’s rant. Hopefully the ladies can resolve this beef and continue to bring new music to the fans who love and support them.


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