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Artist 2 Watch: Baltimore Rapper Richie Billionz Delivers New Single “Deja Vu”

Artist 2 Watch: Baltimore Rapper Richie Billionz Delivers New Single "Deja Vu"

The new track from Richie Billionz is off his new album Flawless Victory.

Baltimore rapper Richie Billionz just released a new song from his album Flawless Victory, titled “Deja Vu.” The song features RicoStayLit, and combines West Coast vibes with Richie’s Jamaican roots, and can be streamed via Spotify or Apple Music.

“Personally, I believe Flawless Victory is one of my best productions yet, as it exudes a lot of emotion, passion, and pain,” Richie said as he then proudly pivoted to the third person. “Richie Billionz is not only an Artist; Richie Billionz is an artist, songwriter, producer and engineer. He possesses versatile abilities as a curator, therefore he has a lot to bring to the table.”

Flawless Victory is the latest addition to Richie’s discography, which includes five projects over the last three years. The tape follows 2019’s To My Favorite Dancer, Distortion and Voice Memos, as well as 2018’s Cryptocurrency.

When asked about the inspiration for his sound Richie said that “I’ve always been influenced by a lot of different genres of music. Growing up in a Jamaican household, I am used to listening to the musical creations of Chaka Demus & Pliers, Buju Banton, Bounty Killa, Shabba Ranks, Bob Marley, and Garnett Silk.” 

His latest project comes amidst a struggle with a rare disease that he is lucky to have survived. “Flawless Victory is a very special project to me,” Richie said. “I worked on it while in the hospital battling a rare illness called, Rhabdomyolysis, that almost took my life twice.” Rhabdomyolysis is a breakdown of damaged skeletal muscles that can damage the kidneys.

Since the release of Flawless Victory in February 2020, Richie Billionz has stayed active. In June he released a video for a new song titled “Blow Up.” Check it out below.

There’s no question that if a rare disease couldn’t stop Richie Billionz, the music industry has no chance at stopping this fast-rising and charismatic talent.

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