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Activist Genesis Brings Awareness Through Poetry

Black Activist Genesis standing for what is right with peace, poetry, and nationwide conversations

The black Activist Genesis states growing up in the state of Mississippi wasn’t always the best. Being there was always confederate flags everywhere you turned around. She remembers graduating from high school from Jefferson Davis Community College. It was at the moment she notices the Mississippi Flag for the state which was verified by white supremacists.

Genesis’ father once took her to a KKK (Ku Klux Klan) rally while she was younger. This really made her acknowledge the hatred against black people. Just remember the vivid details of that horrid confederate flag. This is when Genesis came to realization and really got some understanding.

“For him, it was tying our understanding of our family history to the present,” the activist says. She also states, “He wanted to make it more real for us — like, this isn’t just something that people fought against in the past. Racism is alive and well.”

Fed up with discrimination

With all the discrimination against black people in the world, even now in the present day, Genesis has become more than fed up. In the year 2001, there was voting held among the people of Mississippi to keep or discard the Confederate Flag. There was so much disappointment when the vast majority voted no because it was supposedly “their history”.

But this wasn’t what drew the line for Genesis, what did it was when April was claimed to be Confederate Heritage Month. It was 2016 when Genesis decided it was her time to make a change. Doing this came with many threats and people who did not agree with her, but that never stopped her.

From speeches to protesting, nothing has ever stopped her from doing what she believes in. She will be making a huge difference for the future and will help make history.

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