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50 Cent Losing Value Over Trump Support

50 Cent losing value over Trump Support

 Everything you need to know about black Trump supporters

50 Cent has been under scrutiny for telling his fanbase on Instagram to “Vote for Trump.”  The popular G-Unit rapper said he doesn’t care if Trump hates black people, he will be “packing my bags” if Trump isn’t  re-elected. According to the P.I.M.P.’s Instagram posts, the 62% tax plan from democratic candidate Joe Biden is a bad idea that will plummet his worth from 50 cent to 20 cent. But is Mr. Curtis Jackson the only one looking out for his bottom line and overlooking blatant remarks and actions that undermine the community for people of color?

Other Black Celebrities Who Support Trump

Ice Cube was also in the news when he was outed on Twitter by Katrina Pierson for helping the Trump administration develop the Platinum Plan. The rapper/actor received backlash from the black community and even said he was banned from CNN because of his interaction with 45 and his administration involving his Contract with Black America.

Waka Flocka reportedly insinuated that he preferred the current POTUS over the previous president, Barack Obama. The Atlanta rapper was met with unpleasant reactions from the public.

While campaigning in Atlanta last month, Trump gave a “shoutout” to record producer Polow Da Don who was reportedly in attendance.

Stacey Dash proudly displays #MAGA and  #womenforTrump in her Twitter bio. The “Clueless” actress has been vocal about her conservative views on many platforms.


Even former pro athletes like Herschel Walker support 45. The man revered as an NFL Legend is also extremely transparent that he thinks Trump is the best candidate, as he has stated in several interviews.

With all of the ruckus in the streets about who is voting for who within the black community, could it be a strategic distraction to keep people of color divided in the game of politics, making our collective voice weaker?

50 Cent losing value over Instagram posts



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